Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Waffling on Waffle On

Waffle On
Shop 9 Degraves St
(Just outside the Flinders subway exit to Degraves)
Telephone: 0401 408 168

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm

(sometimes later, or earlier, depending on how quickly they run out)

My friends always say, "Hey, Vee! You're always so busy! What do you eat when you're on the go?"

Or at least they would if I had any.

I'm lying of course; I have three.

Unfortunately (because it would be very entertaining otherwise), none of them speak like their dialogues are written by campy advertisers. Or Sesame Street writers.

It is true, however, that I am very busy. Sims 3 was just released after all, and the new season of America's Next Top Model is out. I'm hectic. So whenever I catch a break, I get my fix from my man Mark.

Best waffles anywhere. Thick, rich, and with granules of sugar sweeter than Don Lothario. They'll melt in your mouth...because they won't be in your hands any longer than five seconds before you stuff them in your gob.

Nutella and ice cream (who would've thought) sets the bar for me, but my friends (two of three) swear on the strawberries and chocolate. Waffles cost $3, and toppings are a dollar extra encompassing maple syrup, chocolate, bananas, jam, whipped cream, peanut butter...sugar, spice and everything nice.

To counter the sweet high - Le Roast Beef, with added brie.

Sliced in half for picture perfection!

This is $8.50 I believe, but I'm always too hungry to count my change (when I get change out of $10 for good grub, I don't complain). Rare roast beef slices, French pickles, French mustard, mayonnaise, rocket salad, tomatoes, thick slabs of Brie on a buttered house-made baguette. That will do me, merci!

The only 'table' is a very narrow shelf along the wall on which you can precariously balance your goods and food at the high risk of having them fall off or on you (twice now). Short of sneaking a seat at Grill'd across the lane, I'd suggest you take your treasures home with you, like I did tonight.

Now I have to spend the rest of my evening with a hunky meaty sandwich. Poor me!

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  1. Oh gosh...I've been wanting to try out their waffles. But each time I go past, I had just eaten! This has inspired me to head to the city purely for this! Solved.

  2. ar yes. I remember this very well when I used to work in the CBD. I like the Frenchman baguette. Accent and all. YUM

  3. you know i used to go to degraves st. all the time and never tried it. im going to have to now.

  4. Ooooo......looks good! I am gonna hunt this place down next week! Have a happy easter weekend!

  5. I remember walking by here the first time years ago, and was shot down by a city-living-person... that I didn't know about it... Ahhh.. Nutella waffles =)

  6. Mhmm I made waffles for breakfast today! But I didn't even think about nutella... yum.

    I was so addicted to Sims 3 when I first got it. It's a time machine - open it up and suddenly it's five hours in the future!

  7. I'm drooling at those waffles. Wouldn't mind a few with peanut butter right about now!

  8. Adrian: Do it man, haha I often take breaks out of my days to tram all the way down to Flinders to eat here!

    Penny: Oui, oui - the French accent - how can you resist?

    Kat: You should - so many terribly touristy places in Degraves so I'm always happy to have something really authentic.

    Ivy: You should tell me when you're coming into the city so we can meet up! :)

    msihua: You really would be, it's like Maccas to the arts student!

    Agnes: Didn't think about nutella?! What were you on?? And yes, Sims 3 is great for those completely idle days, I love it.

    Saucy Thyme: Peanut butter and honey on waffles is just the homeliest thing ever!

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