Saturday, August 13, 2011

La Belle Miette

30 Hardware Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
Telephone: 03 9024 4528

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm (or until sold out); Sat 10am - 4pm

Here are some terribly over-used phrases:


"Food blogger!"


"Amateur chef!"

"I am a self-confessed Francophile."

Quintessential snap of stacked macarons.

Because it is 2011. It is hugely unfashionable to have a measured response to anything remotely attractive. We live in a world that all about the rat race, rah-rah, hi-def, neon lighting, and total extremes, mate.

You bought a house? I bought a property. You eating out? I'm dining out. You like 'all things Parisienne'? I liked them first. On Facebook. Didn't you see the tweet?

So it is with a feeling akin to coming out of the closet that I can say I'm as subscribed to the French-ise as much as the next person (which it seems means something close to worship) yet I have never been a macaron maniac.

Like every responsible foodie in Australia I've had my fill, and then some. Ogled the Zumbos on television. Enjoyed the Ladureés, the Pierre Hermés, the Duncans, and the Josephines. Been unimpressed by the Cacaos, the Café Vues, and the Laurents. The La Tropeziennes were alright. Lindts only okay. But just when I thought I'd can can-ed with everyone on the block, a new kid moved in too cool to ignore.

Stacked against the stalwarts, La Belle Miette doesn't need my fandom; it's amassed its on aplenty. I would agree, however, that as far as macarons go the adoration and marvel is pretty deserved. It is quite the Mary Poppins of macarons: practically perfect in every way! Crisp exterior, yielding interior, and intensely flavoursome.

I say this with some authority, having sampled my way through an entire boxful, gifted to me by an indescribably superlative friend.

A chest of treasures.

The spoils.

Being a self-confessed chocophile, it is probably not completely coincidental that this rose through the ranks as my chosen cocoammander: the 72% Cocoa Single Origin Chocolate (Venezuela).

Special mentions should be made as well of the Hazelnut Belle Miette, the Mariage Freres Earl Grey Chocolate, and the 'Bastille' - Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant. Full list of flavours here.

Not many left now.

In the interest of being utterly objective, I'd say the Strawberry & Vanilla macaron was marginally underwhelming. The concept couldn't be more estrogen-friendly, but the unfortunate result had the vanilla so neutralising the intensity of the strawberry that it was much more plain-Jane than something-about-Mary.

La Belle Miette - a courageous contender in a very saturated Melbourne market! Where do you sit in the macaron camp?

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  1. I love jean paul hevin. period. and will get my hands on laduree when i'm in hk!

  2. I totally love the macarons here.... pink grapefruit and blueberry violet my favourites, although I haven't tried them all!!

    Damn now I really feel like a pink grapefruit one :P

  3. Another place that I have yet to go! I love the look of all those macarons.

  4. OMG they look so good I must sample all- yes all- these macas next time !

  5. Thanks for another lively piece of writing.

    When I first heard about these macarons, about a year and a half ago, I thought they had something to do with the macarena dance (remember that annoying song!).

    Look forward to your next offering.

  6. I'm not sure if it's your camera settings but these macarons look very strong on the colouring!!

    They have some great sounding flavours - must go check it out.

  7. The blue coloured macaron just looks so inviting! I wasn't a big fan the first time I rocked up, but may contemplate revisiting....

  8. The blueberry was my favourite... followed by the "Bastille Day" special macaron.. so good! Sigh... YOU GOT THE BOX!!A I bought all 14 flavours and had so much sugar rush!!

  9. I want to try these macarons so badly. I wish I worked closer in the city sometimes.

  10. Michelle: Hope you don't have to wait too long at Laduree HK, the lines were manic when I was there!

    Roseanne: Perhaps a revisit together should be planned ;)

    Shellie: The grapefruit one is really unusual hey! I don't think I've tried one anywhere else. I thought the blueberry violet a little odd though! Strange combination of flavours.

    Penny: I love looking at them too! I even have one of these pictures as my current desktop background :)

    AT: I think you might find you'd suffer a bit of a sugar rush if you do so in one go ;)

    DJ: I loved that dance AND song! But yes macarons have suddenly come up everywhere from being relatively unknown two years ago, haven't they?

    April: They are actually pretty colourful! One can only hope it is organic colouring?

    Ashley: Oh really! It's strange, blue's meant to be a colour that will decrease your appetite but that is clearly not the case here.

    msihua: Ooh I do like that Bastille Day macaron as well! I was very lucky, a fantastic girlfriend funded this macaron mania ;)

    Thanh: Grass is always greener isn't it - I've always wished I lived in the suburbs because I only ever end up going round the city!!