Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is a post digressing temporarily from the cupcake warfare to announce the painfully obvious: a new blog design!

To be honest, I had no intentions of changing the look of the blog at all - this is the happy accident of a design-happy euphoria induced by some industrious business card-making! As for the card, here is a sneak preview of the current work-in-progress:

I think I may have been bitten by a bit of a luscious-lush-lady bug spawned by an excess of cupcake gluttony and Katy Perry tunes. I may wait a bit to see if I still like it after the girly-girl superpowers have faded away. In the meantime, I am restraining myself from painting my apartment over with glorious pink stripes. And running around town with a pink power ring and matching lantern.

Other exciting things are also happening in this space, the results of which will take some time to filter through. Let's just say it involves a spanking new no-nonsense N---n!


  1. That business card looks really cheery and chic! Looking forward to the exciting developments in your blog.

  2. Noun? Which fits and is just as mysterious as "N--n" and so does not detract from the meaning of the sentence?

    I win!

  3. Leaf: Oh thanks, I've been a bit worried it's too um sassy haha!! Validation of one's choices is always welcome...

    Vee Ann: There were THREE dashes in there you clown - or did you think one was added to throw you off the scent?

  4. Irrelevant. I still win.

  5. Stop your petty squabbling peasants! Incidentally, I like the card :)