Thursday, April 29, 2010

Luck be a Pink Lady

Or two.

Not quite the fruits of my labour; my mum planted this apple tree mid-visit to Melbourne way back then, and just as I have been informing her for years, her offspring are perfectly capable of flourishing free from worry and wear. (Although I acknowledge a little organic love never goes astray.)

Was so chuffed to see these that I traipsed barefoot into the mud to get a good shot. If only mum was here - though I know she wouldn't have appreciated as much that I had to saunter back through the kitchen after en route to the tap.

Ah mum, sure I don't deserve these, nor thee.


  1. That is so cute and sweet. Good luck with your tree. Next time it will bear more fruits =D

  2. hehe. Confidence- my mum just recently cut down her apple tree! The possums just keep eating the few apples that managed to ripen- that and that fact the tree overgrew the backyard!