Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Magnum Sandwich

Magnum Ice Cream
Convenience stores, supermarkets, etc.

Shameless. First a post with 0% nutritional value and now this - blogging about a commercially-prepared ice cream that has been around for eons.*

*(The definition of 'eon' by the way, is an 'immeasurably long period of time' - which seems befitting)

So excuse me while I discredit myself of being anything of a food aficionado.

Because I like Magnums. I like them so much that during the period in which you could trade-in a Magnum wrapper for a gold class upgrade, and 7-11 concurrently launched a Two-Magnums-for-$6.00 campaign (I live opposite a 7-11), I must have bought dozens (no exaggeration unfortunately). The horrible irony is that I never did get to the movies during that period and instead had to ply friends and family with my wrappers so they didn't go to waste. I still have an entire paperbag full! I've put it away on my highest shelf so as to not remind me of my secret shame (I don't have the heart to throw them away).

Anyway *brightly*, I was in 7-11 today again looking for some mid-exam comfort and discovered this:

A Magnum Sandwich! Now those of you who are fellow Magnum fans will know that they consistently release new flavours every few months (the most recent of note being the 'Big Choc Bikkie' - a very rich and cloying chocolate ice Magnum and the 'White Chocolate' - which I quite enjoyed, and was released suspiciously around the same time that Tim Tam came out with White Choc Tim Tams...where will this madness end?!). As far as I know, however, this is the first Magnum 'sandwich' that's been released. I also got quite excited because it's a 'Magnum Sandwich with almonds' and regular readers will know how I do adore my nuts...

First peek!

And on closer inspection, I realized that the ice cream within isn't the same as the usual Magnum kind, it's actually flecked with these black bits looking enticingly like a cookies-and-cream ice:

Tasted different too! I was hoping that they were vanilla bean flecks (what a hope!) but I couldn't taste any 'more' vanilla than usual, so I think they were probably just 'put in' to match the look of the obvious incumbent, Maxibon, as closely as possible:
Cartoonish advert of the kind that always sports a 'Serving Suggestion Only' disclaimer

What a let-down! The ice cream was mushy and tasted 'cheap' (and even more artificial than ever), and the nut bits weren't even as big, tasty or crunchy as the ones in the classic Magnum Almond (when I was a kid, this was the only alternative to the Magnum Classic - how times have changed!)

Verdict: I guess the only draw is that you get two 'textures' in one ice cream, i.e. the cookie sandwich bit and the faux Magnum Almond bit. Other than that, it doesn't compare at all with the normal Magnums. Let alone 'proper' ice-cream. How disappointing!

Back to the drawing board with ya! And back to study for me!

Before I forget, I must get my hands (...and lips! Oh yes!) on some Ben and Jerry's real soon. What did y'all think of the recent 'Rolling' invasion?

*Restaurant review soon I promise - don't give up on this blog yet!


  1. oh damn, I was waiting for an exclamation on how fantastic this ice cream was going to be, what a massive let down. I love Magnums too and LOVE maxibon's if only they tried to taste a little better rather than just trying to "look" like a good sandwich ice cream!

  2. Magnum icecream sandwich!? Love the classic variety...but it looks to be a let down..shame :(

    Nothing worse than cheap tasting icecream. Back to monaco bars then!

  3. Looks goood. I've never had a maxibon, or any other kind of ice cream sandwich. I'm the messy type, and end up wearing most things I eat. This summer I will give it a go though!

  4. Hihi!! Thanks for dropping me a comment in my blog. You have an awesome blog too!! Certainly gonna pop by more often from now.

    Time to stock up fridge with ice-cream! Haven't tried the Magnum here yet but oooo..i so love gazing at the ice-cream aisle whenever i go to the supermarket. Spoilt with choices!

  5. Haha I often have one of the classic when no one is looking :)

  6. I love Maxibon, and eat them often. It seems to me recently that the recipe for the biscuit has changed. It used to have a soft crumbly texture that was indescribable and really what made it awesome for me. Now though the biscuit seems much harder and the last few bites squish out the icecream - other Maxibon lovers, have you experienced this?

  7. Thanks. You can see the back of the wrapper of Magnum Mini Almond at http://www.freeimagehosting.net/newuploads/qb9wm.jpg . Regards